Junho 2PM And Kim So Eun Dating

still remember Geum Jan Di's bestfriend in
the popular drama series Boys Over Flower?

still remember the sweet girl, Ga-Eul or her
actual name Kim So Eun. . .

she's been spotted together with Junho the member of 2PM . . .

tada. . . are they dating, actually????


the pair spotted holding hands and happy together

so sweet and they look compatible to each other, ngee :))

Kim So Eun touching her hand as if she is blushing of something
while Junho is smiling from ear to ear *wink wink*

pictures perfect, they are spotted camping together!

* * * * * * *

Junho from 2PM and Kim So Eun is filming the new reality show call 'Music and Lyrics' where they have been paired up together as a couple (fake couple ok, so Junho's die hard fan can stop crying now!).

the show has started the 1st airing on 7th April 2012 through MBC Music and 8th April 2012 on MBC.  so Junho's and Kim So Eun's followers, stay tune to catch them in the reality show 'Music and Lyrics'. Have a great watching; cheers (^-^) 

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Munirah Ibrahim said...

This is when they're filming " Music & Lyrics " together. You should watch it