Is Jung So Min, Ex-Kim Hyun Joong Partner, Has Undergone Plastic Surgery?

hello hello peepos. . .

do you still remember the girl from the famous korean drama series Playful Kiss? The girl who hold the character as Oh Ha Ni? She is Jung So Min, partner with Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo in the series. . .it's been a while not to hear any news from her, until recently people are talking about her plastic surgery . . .it's too much tweet here and tweet there about her plastic surgery. . .

~ Jung So Min looks decent in her white dress, and she has dropped 10kg over the 1.5 years ~

it was reported that, Jung So Min tweet in her account regarding the plastic surgery since too many speculations about it, as if she is making a crime by undergone plastic surgery . . .

“I see that my plastic surgery rumors have been floating around the internet. Is it a crime to get plastic surgery? It’s natural for a girl to want to become prettier. Leave the people that get plastic surgery alone. It’s not like they committed a crime. Only those who think ‘I don’t want to become prettier’ should diss artificial beauties. I didn’t have time to get plastic surgery. I was busy studying in school, keke.”

 currently, Jung So Min is busy with her latest project with MBC for the drama series 'Standby', where the first airing was on April 9th 2012, and it was reported that this drama has more than 100 episodes. . . Jung So Min is playing as a partner alongside Siwan from the group ZE:A

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