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this blog is now closed .

thank you for visiting!

yours truly,
ms. saranghae.

I am away

hello peepos . . . 

how's your day ? i'll be away for a week, 
going places :) ...

enjoy your day everyone!

Love is life; A neverending story

Jang Keun Suk Beautiful Flawless Hair

hello peepos ....

it's been sometime not updating my blog ... quite busy with the baby, and part time work is coming soon this month ... oh yes, i'm a full time house wife at the moment after my contract expired early this year, and with the baby coming recently, i'm thinking to stay at home non-working maybe for a while or maybe for a longgggg time .... but, I still get an offer to do part time job ... :) giggles with big smile .... anyone wanna hire part time worker ??? I am READY !!!! my field of work ?  
- writing / prepare technical report (engineering)
- document control 
- prepare operating procedures (OP) for ISO
- prepare project quality plan (PQP)

so BOSSES, if you are looking for part time workers for any quality related works, let's do some discussion .....

ok ... forget about the part time work for a while. let's talk about our Asia Prince, who else if not Jang Keun Suk ..... let's see his picture coming back after Tongyi FM 8/9/13 ....

 he looks younger than his age! just like a high school teenager . . .

give attention to his skin and hair, berrylicious flawless! 
any reason for not jealous of him? NONE! 
gosh gosh, i am super jealous . . . 

credit : source here

peepos , have a nice day ya! I love today when money coming into my pocket, ahaks!

Love is life; A neverending story

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