King2Hearts Episode 17 And 18 : Will Lee Jae Ha Manage To Save His Fiancee, Kim Hang Ah? Lee Jae Shin and Eun Shi Kyung Kissing; Love Is In The Air?

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for this whole week, i'll be very busy preparing my report. . .though i'm working based from home, but still i have to comply with the requirements such as 'submission of any required report must be on time' . . .and due to the report requires me to do on-the-net-research, so i've to spend at least 6 hours browsing the internet searching for the relevant content of the topic given. . .

thus, there will be no drama review for this week. . .:(( sob sob now, have to spend time for my report, otherwise the management will not pay my salary. . .sob sob again. . .

for King2Hearts Episode 17, just a short recap. . .

Hang Ah and mother queen had become hostage to John Mayer, so both of them planned to escape. . .and in the same time, the Lee Jae Ha is trying his best to save his mother and fiancee. . . will Lee Jae Ha managed to save them?


and for King2Hearts Episode 18, there is a kiss scene between Eun Shi Kyung and Lee Jae Shin . . .is love is in the air between Eun Shi Kyung and Lee Jae Shin?

 and Eun Shi Kyung found out his father, secretary Eun involved in killing the late king Lee Jae Gang
what will happen to Eun Shi Kyung?

~ father - son good bonding; eun shi kyung and secretary eun for the fishing scene ~

what's more. . . 

~ Lee Seung Gi killer smile, always cute and charming ~

~ bed scene between Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won; they look like a real couple ~

~ i've no idea why, but this photo make me feel that Ha Ji Won looks VERY SEXY ~

p/s: can't wait what will happen to John Mayer after Lee Jae Ha show the evidence to the public that John Mayer admits he killed Lee Jae Gang purposely, and Lee Jae Ha dragged John Mayer to be charged in the ICC. . .

love is life; a neverending story