Product Review : Bioglo Clear Pore Deep Cleansing Mask

Biogle Clear Pore Deep Cleansing Mask

hi readers. . .last few days, i blogged about the latest
product that i bought for my dressing table . . .

i promised i will give my review of
this product after 3 applications. .and today
is the 3rd application, and it's time for the review!

first of all, the best to use this cleansing mask is to
clean the face skin, wash with any facial cleanser will do,
it's up to what product of your facial cleanser,
there is absolutely no objection, ngee :)) 

later, dry your skin, and you can start apply this 
cleansing mask. . . don't be surprised, this mask is
really black in color and a bit sticky. . .

the 1st time i applied it i feel like i'm 
playing with a black mud!

~ i have a feeling, that tonite is gonna be a good good nite ~

ok, this is me, i'm using the clear pore deep cleansing mask
only at the targeted areas. . . these are the worst white head
of my face. . .later, you have to wait about 15 minutes
waiting for the mask to dry. . .

this mask unlike any other mask, once it dries, it's
really easy to peel off. . .
p/s: please apply this mask evenly on your skin,
 and do not apply too thick otherwise you have to wait long
before you can peel it off (^-^)

so, the result. . .
let's see

tada. .  . see the result. . .
my right cheek won, with the most white head,
 while my nose is less and hardly to see any white head. . .

you can click here to read my previous 
entry of this product . . .

so, if you ask me if this product is good or not,
or worth to buy or not,
well, i will recommend this product to anyone
who is really looking for white head remover solution. . .

however, using this product alone might not help a lot,
you must in the same time, to take care of your skin. . .
use the 3 + 2 -rules. . .
1- wash face with facial cleanser
2- apply the toner
3- put the face moisturizer

and periodically,
1- scrub your face
2- apply the cleansing mask

cheers everyone.