Love Rain E19 & E20 : Jang Keun Suk Finally Married To Yoona SNSD

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it's been quite sometime for me not to write the last two episodes of LOVE RAIN . . . i must pay my debt! so, here i am, writing the review . . .:)) . . . i was super duper busy back then . . . can i write short review? ok, it's up to me how i gonna blogged about the drama . . .

well, everyone who is following the drama knew the rating is too low (according to the Nielsen rating), but who cares about rating. . .viewers like me, i don't mind at all . . . . . .as long as i'm happy with the drama, it's ok . . .

~ Seon Ho passed all the information about Yoon Hee to Seo Joon ~ 

~ Yoona sweet smiles looking to Seo Joon ~ 

~ Seo Joon glad Ha Na was in the studio ~ 

~ Seo Joon keep calling Ha Na rururu ~ 

~ Seo Joon and Ha Na 'meet the parent' ~ 

~ the happy Seo Joon and Ha Na together ~ 

~ when Seo Joon told Ha Na he is going to New York ~
are they going to split?
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 let's see some cool photos from LOVE RAIN episode 20 'the final'

~ Ha Na asked Seo Joon where is the flower for her since Seo Joon brought flower for Yoon Hee ~ 

~ the family gathering; nice and cool Seo Joon & Ha Na, In Ha & Yoon Hee ~ 

~ Seo Joon fulfilled his father request to take family photos ~ 

~ Seo Joon told Ha Na he is not going to New York leaving Ha Na behind alone ~ 

~ after 1 year . . . Ha Na with long hair ~ 

~ Ha Na meets Hye Jung ~ 

~ Seo Joon mad at Ha Na during lunch meal with Hye Jung ~ 

~ the deep kiss between Jang Keun Suk and Yoona SNSD, the most awaited scene ! ngee ~ 

~ the happy Seo Joon and Ha Na together reading the postcard from In Ha ~ 

~ Ha Na and Seo Joon date time! ~ 

~ Hye Jung asked Seo Joon and Ha Na to get married ~ 

~ Ha Na and Seo Joon looking at each other ~ 

~ cute Ha Na backhugging Seo Joon ~ 


 ~  Seo Joon romantic night with Ha Na watching their video together ~

~ the most best scene ! Seo Joon and Ha Na finally married ~


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love is life; a neverending story


Anonymous said...

Yoona is so beautiful and sexy and adorable...and....JKS is so handsome and nice......wooow...GODDESS YOONA and PRINCE JKS are the most attractive and cool couple!...they are perfect couple.
I love this k-drama
loverain is the best drama of year....and...Yoona and JKS are the best couple in all Asia.